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The Wedding Journey - Part 1

May 24, 2016

It's a really satisfying part of my job to be part of somebody's wedding day. It's the biggest and most important day in a couple's life and it's always an honour to be asked to contribute to the look and feel of such a big occasion. "We had the most amazing day and you were part of making that happen", is a compliment that I will never tire of hearing.


My job starts the second a couple make contact with me. Be it in person, over the phone, or via email, first and foremost I need to know how big a wedding I'm looking at and whether I can fit it in. You might think this is a strange consideration for somebody running a business but to me it's absolutely vital: if I'm going to do a wedding, then I'm going to do it properly! If I have another booking and simply don't have the capacity or time to do a wedding justice, then I simply won't take it on. It's always in my mind that every wedding is special to that couple and if I can't do it justice, then I'll point them in the direction of somebody who can.


People hear about us in a variety of ways; it's always satisfying to get a job via a recommendation from a previous customer because this means I know I've done a good job for somebody else. We also get noticed through social media sites and wedding fairs; Floral Quarter is the recommended florist at several venues so it may be that we were suggested by a wedding coordinator who knows we can bring the best out of their venue.


Once I know I can work with somebody, then it's important that we have time to discuss the occasion and get some ideas on paper. The initial consultation is where we first get our heads together and start to paint picture of how the wedding is going to look. Every wedding venue is different. What suits the Vermont Hotel wouldn't necessarily suit Newton Hall and it's part of my job to know what will work for each place.


Likewise, every bride is different and an even bigger part of my job is to work with their individual tastes to create something really special. Some people come to me knowing exactly what they want, meaning I have to facilitate a specific vision and bring it to life. Some will have a good idea of what they want but not quite how to make it work, and my job is to provide guidance and suggestions at this stage. Alternatively, some people will come to me with little or no idea of what they want and need me to use my skill and experience as a florist to give them ideas to suit their colour scheme, venue, taste and budget. Some of the best and most satisfying weddings I've worked on are where the bride has given me their trust to come up with a design to suit, and make their wedding come to life. "You knew what I wanted before I even did!", is a compliment i've been given on more than one occasion and i'm proud of that!!


To get the best results, a meeting should happen face to face: If I meet a bride, i'm able to get a feel for her personality and individual style and therefore judge what would be best for her. 

At this stage, I feel my job has been done properly if a Bride and Groom leave my shop feeling a lot more confident in their wedding flowers and my ability to create their perfect vision, and with a clearer idea of how their day will look! 


Stay tuned for  part 2..... Quote and Beyond!

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