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The Rise of the Floral Crown!

As with all walks of life, trends come and go in floristry. You never know when a style or particular type of item is going to become popular or regain popularity. The trick is to try to be one step ahead and be ready to make suggestions that are on-trend. One particular item making a big resurgence with brides coming to Floral Quarter is the flower crown.

Flower crowns have many origins, an ancient Greek item, work at special occasions and given to victorious soldiers, to signify a connection to nature, or a regal stature depending upon the style. People as diverse as Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Victoria and Frida Kahlo among their notable advocates, they have had their share of fame over the years. More recently, the flower crown was a staple accessory of the hippie movement and it last found popularity in the late 1980s along with perms and puffy shoulders on wedding dresses.

But you can't keep a good thing down and the flower crown is making a comeback in a big way!

I've recently had several requests from brides-to-be who want that extra special something to make their wedding flowers really memorable. Rather than a tiara or a veil, brides want the fresh, look of their bouquet and arrangements replicated as a crown. And what could be more appropriate for a day where you're the princess than a crown to set it off!

The flower crown suits a number of styles and there's a trend for 'wild' right now; the flower crown suits this to a tee, with foliage and big, striking flowers making a natural-looking piece. It also suits a more classic, regal look, or a bold, statement piece with lots of colours. They can also be a beautiful finishing touch for bridesmaids or flower girls, using the same colours as a bouquet to accentuate your colour scheme and really bring it to life.

So if you're looking for a spark of inspiration to set your wedding flowers apart from the rest, a flower crown may be the way to go; whether you're looking for simple elegance or a chic 'wow'

piece to take your guests' breath away, the flower crown is in ascension!

Big thanks to Matt Ethan Photography for the first 2 images and thanks to Sean Elliott Photography, Wylam Brewery and F.A.C.E. Makeup Artistry for the others. I should also add thanks to Alex and Ian for being such good sports and allowing me to use images of their Newton Hall wedding in this post!

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