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Dare I mention it...Coronavirus...

Updated: May 5, 2020

Well, here we are in week 6 of lockdown (at the time of writing this post). It's the strangest feeling, like it's been only 5 minutes since this all started, yet a lifetime ago at the same time. I remember back in March, when I was preparing for my March and April weddings, when all this covid19 news hit us and everyone started to get scared and postpone weddings (understandably!). But I have to say, I wasn't worried. Do you know why that is? It's because I always book the loveliest Brides and Grooms who love me and what I do, so I knew that whatever this situation threw at us, that they'd be absolutely wonderful about it. And you know what? I was right. My couples have been so amazing throughout all this. They've actually been concerned about me despite the biggest day of their lives being so up in the air. They are even thanking me for being so lovely and supportive to them, but really, I should be thanking them! From the start, i've felt everything they've felt and i've been in touch with them, guided them, through all this, reassuring them that everything will be ok.

I had couples at various stages of planning. Some had already had their final consultations and paid their final balances, some were marrying in May onwards and hadn't had our final consultation yet, but i've worked with them, i've been proactive at contacting them and letting them know what the process is if they decide to cancel or postpone. Not one person has asked for any money back. Some have even paid part of their balances now, even though they've postponed till next year, Just to help me stay afloat these next few months.

So, there's two parts to my advice to you -

1) If you're already a Couple of mine, then you'll have already heard from me and already been reassured that this is temporary and there are measures in place to deal with it. If you've booked with someone else, then my advice is to speak with your florist and your other suppliers (including your venue) and get to know what their procedures are for this situation. Thet way, if you need to cancel or postpone then you'll already know what you have to do and where you stand with them. Hopefully, you'll love your suppliers so much that you'll keep in contact with them when speaking to venues about a date for postponement, to make sure they're available for your new date, before you commit to that date. Rather than just booking a new date and hoping for the best.

2) If you haven't yet booked your wedding suppliers but are being super clever and using this time to plan your wedding, then my advice is BOOK YOUR SUPPLIERS IN NOW! Don't delay. The reason for this is, because we are having all the weddings from March of this year onwards, postponing for dates later this year or even next year. Therefore, our availability from autumn onwards is going to be much less than it normally would!

Remember folks, this is just temporary, it will pass eventually and when it does, we'll just have to adjust to a new normal. You will have your big day, even if it has to be a little different than you planned it. Remember not to lose sight of the fact that the marriage part after the wedding, is the most important thing of all.

So, stay safe folks and if you want to enquire about your own big day, then CLICK HERE! I can't wait to hear from you!

In the meantime, please enjoy these beautiful photos by Lucie Watson Photography, of a glamorous New Years Eve wedding we worked on at Le Petit Chateau in Northumberland!

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