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Jesmond Dene House - A stunning Newcastle Wedding Venue!

It's steeped in history, 5 minutes from my Jesmond workshop and has a beautiful arched entrance to decorate. But I think what I love most about Jesmond Dene House, is that it is a beautiful peaceful oasis even though it's only just outside Newcastle city centre.

(images of autumnal wedding below by Ray Sawyer)

Set in the stunning Jesmond Dene, it's surrounded by the most gorgeous seasonally changing scenery. The river, the forest, the wildlife, it's all such a lovely setting to get married in and makes for some excellent wedding photographs! It's well known for it's abundance of Ferns in the gardens and surrounding Dene too.

It caters for smaller 'micro' weddings in it's Norman Shaw Room as well as larger weddings in it's Great Hall. If marrying in the Great Hall, you will have your ceremony and reception in the same room, so after the ceremony, you'll be whisked off to the bar while the staff change the hall around and make it all ready for your reception. It's quite common for you to use the same floral displays in both your ceremony and reception, such as moving the registrar table flowers across to the top table.

Here are some more beautiful examples of wedding flowers being used both during the ceremony and the reception at Jesmond Dene House. This set of images is taken by Helen Russell Photography.

On top of being a great place to decorate, the staff and food are lovely too. So if you're looking for a wedding venue in or near Newcastle city centre, Jesmond Dene House is definitely worth a look!

Here's a couple more images just...because it's so pretty!

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Magel Gaisn
Magel Gaisn
Jun 08, 2023

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