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Love and Laughter: A Wylam Brewery Wedding Wrapped in Greenery

Newcastle city centre played host to a delightful wedding celebration, where Tania and Dom tied the knot amidst a backdrop of white and green elegance. Wylam Brewery, a popular local venue, provided the perfect industrial-chic setting for their special day.

Hair & Make Up - Lisa Jones

Foliage supplier Smilax UK

Tania & Dom saying their I Dos at their wedding ceremony in Wylam Brewery in Newcastle city centre. With beautiful vine foliage decorating the background

The theme of the wedding was clear from the very beginning - a celebration of love surrounded by the beauty of nature. Lush green trailing foliage, transformed the space into a verdant haven. This theme continued with the couple's choice of a white and green colour scheme, creating a fresh and sophisticated atmosphere. Or rustic elegance as I called it!

But the true stars of the show were Tania and Dom themselves. Arriving in style in a classic VW Campervan and Beetle, they exuded pure joy and love. The blog post would be remiss without mentioning what a pleasure it was to work with them - their positive energy and genuine affection for each other were truly infectious.

The ceremony items were all reused in the reception too. T&D hired my new black geo frames, adorned with lush vine foliage and clusters of flowers, which served as an unforgettable backdrop for their vows.  The aisle was lined with chairs adorned with cascading vine greenery, adding to the romantic ambience. Boy does Wylam Brewery suit being covered in foliage!

We embraced the industrial charm of Wylam Brewery by incorporating vine foliage in the iconic beer barrels, transforming them into unique and eye-catching elements. The walls of the ceremony space weren't neglected either, receiving their own touch of trailing greenery.

When the ceremony concluded, the transformation of the space for the reception was swift and seamless (the staff there really know what they are doing!).  The stunning black geo frames and the foliage adorning the beer barrels remained in place, creating a picture-perfect backdrop for the top table alongside the venue's own light curtain.  This clever reuse eliminated the need for additional decor, allowing the focus to remain on the newlyweds.

Following the philosophy of maximizing impact while minimizing waste, Tania and Dom repurposed the beautiful flowers from the registrar's table. These blooms were artfully incorporated into the top table's centrepiece, adding a touch of sentimental value to the reception space.

This approach of reusing florals in both parts of the day, not only maximises the impact of the decor but also helps create effective displays within your budget.

Tanya and Dom's wedding at Wylam Brewery was a testament to their love, creativity, and resourcefulness.  It was a day filled with laughter, heartfelt moments, and a celebration of their love story amidst a stunning backdrop of greenery and industrial chic.  We wish them all the best in their journey together!

Here's to wishing them a lifetime of happiness together!

Here's some of my own pictures from the day too! -

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1 Yorum

I really love the foliage amongst the barrels, that was spectacular! It really gave the cake cutting photos a lift with all the extra greenery. Beautiful as always x

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