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Luxury Wedding Inspiration! Photoshoot at Yorkshire Wedding Venue The Hovels at Harewood House

Updated: May 2, 2020

No matter how long you've been in business (almost 10 years for me!), you need to keep your skills up to date and keep that love of your craft going. So at the back end of 2019, I decided to do just that and book myself onto a 4 day long flower course with Leafy Couture down in Leeds. I'm so glad I did.

When you work on your own, you miss being able to bounce ideas off other people and see how others do things, plus fashions and trends change. So I decided it was a good invest in myself and my business to go on this course. I had an absolutely lovely week. I booked myself a fabulous little Airbnb only 10 mins from Leafy, filled my car with bags of shopping (including wine of course!), my floristry kit, my flutes and whistles so I could practice while I was down there and off I went. A week to myself, in my self contained apartment, and a lovely short drive to Leafy every day to get my creative thang on!

After being in business for so long, I have a lot of skills, but I still gained so much from watching the team at LC work and by the end of the week, I came back with a renewed vigour! I was absolutely buzzing with ideas and energy for Floral Quarter.

The week culminated in a full day styled wedding photoshoot. Collaborating with the other florists on the course and some other wonderful suppliers from in and around the Yorkshire area. Today i'd love to show you those images. We made beautiful table centrepieces, floral arch/columns, chair flowers, bridal bouquets, and all sorts.


Photographer: Soniya Zeb

Venue: The Hovels at Harewood House - Please use #thehovels

Stationery - Raspberry Toast

Kelly Stanford - Fox & Flora

Bridget Kovacs - Larkspur Floral Design

Annemarie - The real wreath co.

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