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The Best Compliment I've Ever Had

As a creative person, receiving a compliment from a client is amazing. But now and again, comes a client that you just click with, personally and professionally, and they simply LOVE what you do.

It was McKenna & Stephen's 5th wedding anniversary a few days ago. I literally have no idea where that time has gone! Their Woodhill Hall wedding was really special and really got my creative juices flowing!

McKenna and I have kept in touch ever since and the other day, I received the best compliment ever from her, when she replied to my Instagram stories about her, wishing her a happy anniversary.

"Straight Up Floral Witchcraft!!"

I'll take that compliment, thanks!

The couple chose beautiful dark coloured flowers, lots of eucalyptus and a whole mixture of shapes, sizes and textures of florals. There were Peony, Anemone, Garden Roses, Waxflower and some plant like florals such as Succulents, Artichoke and seed pods. She was worried initially about matching her floral patterned dress, but as you can see, she needn't have been! It matched perfectly, thanks to my great eye for colour!

McKenna is from America but came over here for University and settled in the North East with her Geordie Hubby, Stephen. They make a very cool pair indeed! So as you can imagine, there were lots of guests from across the pond. Woodhill Hall is great for that. they had the place exclusively for the weekend and once everything was set up the evening before, they could just relax with their family and friends, enjoy the barbecue and look forward to getting married in the morning. No rushing to get in or out like some venues.

So I guess all that's left to say is, Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary McKenna & Stephen! May there be many many more!

Photos by GASP Photo Co

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