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Wedding Cake Flowers - Yay or Nay?

There's a bit of a debate. Fresh Flowers or Sugar Flowers on your wedding cake. To be honest, it's all about personal preference and there are pros and cons of both options. Obviously, I LOVE it when a client orders fresh flowers for their cake. However some clients like to keep their sugar flowers as a memento of the day.

There's more to attaching fresh flowers to a cake than you might think. First and foremost, it has to be done hygienically! Every cake maker like this to be done in a different way so I always make sure I contact the cake maker in advance of the wedding to discuss what time i'll be arriving there and how they'd like me to prepare them. I've worked with many cake makers across the region and know a lot of their methods quite well, but us arriving at a similar time is crucial to the timings of your day. Of course, you are completely unaware of this even happening and are probably just sitting there in your room, with curlers in your hair and champagne in your hand, looking forward to getting married! Which is the way it should be. I'm here to make your life easier!

Here are a few examples from some wedding cake designs that i've created over the years. With many wonderful cake makers and photographers involved.

Cake Makers -

Where the Ribbon Ends

The Great British Cupcakery

Dreamworld Cakes

The Master Cakesmith

Poppy Pickering

Sticky Sponge

Photographers -

Emily Hannah Photo

Eye on the Tyne

Soniya Zeb

Helen Russell

Melissa Beattie

Katie Byram

Thomas Jackson

Rebecca Reay

Paul Liddement Wedding Stories

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