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What a Florist Does During Lockdown

I'm a wedding Florist....and there are no weddings!

So what do I do? Well as any self employed person will tell you; there's always something to be getting on with! Blogging like this for example. I've been doing weekly bouquet deliveries which have been popular, and they give me my flowery fix! But this week, I bought a few extra things in, all for me, so I could just have fun playing! No recipe, no plan, no agenda, just good creative fun!

I decided to make something big and impressive; an Urn display! To show you the sort of thing you could have standing at the front of your ceremony or at the entrance to your venue on the big day. I even had a few left and decided to show you what the matching bridal bouquet would look like!

I just love making large, statement pieces. and I always recommend to focus some of your budget on items like this, rather than trying to spread a budget too thinly across a whole venue.

If you want to talk to me about your own big day, then CLICK HERE TO ENQUIRE I'd love to hear from you!

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