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Getting Creative, So You Don't Have To!!

If you're reading this, you're probably interested in my work and are looking at booking a Florist for your wedding that will take the stress away and help you to come up with ideas for floral designs. Whatever your career is, Doctor, Teacher, Lawyer; you work hard and want someone to do the creative thinking for you as it's not your strong point. Am I right? 

Well, as a creative person and a self employed one, it's so important for me to do things that keep my style & skills up to date and to meet other Florists, to keep my creative juices flowing! All of this is so that I can do the best job possible for you. 

So I had a great time this week when I went down to Yorkshire to attend the Leafy Couture Flower school! I came back with my mind buzzing with creative ideas and business plans! Sarah and her team talked us through the business side of it as well as demonstrating various wedding designs. It was hard work, but it was most definitely work it. 

A few sneaky pics below, however once we get the professional images back from Soniya Zeb photography, I'll be able to share those with you on my social media and give you lovely couples loads of inspiration! 

Other suppliers involved in the shoot were Poppy Pickering Cakes, Raspberry Toast Stationery, Lyma Make Up, Amy Fairbairn Flowers, Fox and Flora, Larkspur Floral Design, The Real Wreath Co. 

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